18 Winter Pregnancy Essentials on Amazon

18 Winter Pregnancy Essentials on Amazon

Okay, so the internet-famous “Amazon coat” technically isn’t maternity wear. But among the 16K five-star reviews are lots of pregnant women saying that this warm puffer fit them comfortably, too. This stylish, roomy puffer is great if you’re looking for outerwear that doesn’t scream “maternity.” The coat is filled with duck down for extra warmth, and a plush lined hood will keep you cozy and protected from the wind. The adjustable sides make it ideal for accommodating your growing bump. We also love the wide range of sizes, making it more inclusive than other coat options.

Sizes: XX-Small – 5X-Large

Parents Say

“LOVE THIS COAT! I’d absolutely recommend, and would buy again in a heartbeat.

I am currently 7 months pregnant and bought this coat a month ago, wearing it non-stop since it arrived. It’s delightful! I was so skeptical of an affordable garment with so many positive reviews, but I can’t imagine a better coat for the price. The bonus is that it’s versatile enough to wear through my pregnancy, but stay in my closet permanently.

For reference, I am 5’3″. Pre-pregnancy, I weighed 150 and wore size M-L shirts with a 36-D bra, and size 10 pants. I am now 7 months pregnant and weigh 175. The size Large fits me as perfectly. Well, as perfectly as any other garment does at this point, even with my big belly! The coat is just constructed in a really intelligent way to look drapey and casual with room for my curvy parts, but still giving me a really long profile that makes me look and feeler taller and slimmer. Plenty of room even still for my chest to get bigger, gain more weight all around, and for my belly to grow. My arm or shoulders are not restricted at all, even when lifting my arms up, driving, lifting or chasing my toddler. I’ve worn it with bulky sweaters/hoodies underneath, scarves, gloves, the whole winter kit, and it still has room to move and be a human. It’s also warm enough that I’ve worn it with just a t-shirt and leggings underneath and felt toasty warm, and the look or feel of the coat still wasn’t too big.”

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