3 DIY jobs for the backyard |

3 DIY jobs for the backyard |

Permaculture gardening projects can help you to transform your backyard. So, if you are seeking garden ideas for the weekend, why not consider implementing one or more of our simple DIY permaculture gardening projects? 

By integrating permaculture gardening in borders and veg beds, gardeners can create sustainable and regenerative outside spaces that benefit themselves, wildlife, and the local environment. 

Permaculture and organic gardening practices focus on working with nature rather than against it, often considered a holistic approach to gardening. Put simply, this includes growing a diverse range of edible and ornamental crops, caring for the soil and encouraging wildlife. Here, we share some simple and quick jobs for the weekend that will help your backyard thrive in the months ahead. 

Marigolds and crops in a vegetable garden

(Image credit: Getty Images/Philippe S. Giraud)

Permaculture gardening projects

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