7 Easy Eco-Conscious Changes – Motherly

7 Easy Eco-Conscious Changes – Motherly

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As an eco-conscious millennial twin mom, I think a lot about how I can make my household more sustainable and pass down eco-friendly habits to my kids (especially during Earth Month).

I’m Gabi Day, CEO + Founder + Formulator at Bright Body, a line of nontoxic and refillable skin, hair, and baby care. Sustainability is an integral part of my life and my business, and it is so disheartening when I hear people say that being more eco-friendly is expensive, time-consuming and inconvenient.

I get it: we are all busy, the cost of living is rising, we’re far from gender and racial equity, we’ve lost reproductive rights, the wealth gap is growing, wars are raging, the list goes on. Living in the modern world can feel like an uphill battle and we are all tired.

But the reality is that environmental justice and sustainability intersect and impact every other social issue, and it can be easy and cost-effective to make changes.

Before I go any further, let me share a few statistics about climate change and plastic pollution:

Caring for our kids’ futures means caring for the environment they will inherit. While most emissions and plastic production are attributed to massive corporations, consumers still have considerable  power. After all, we drive demand from those corporations.

Eco-conscious changes you can make today

Let’s not get caught in the doom and gloom! Here are some easily implementable, affordable and quick ways to go eco-friendlier as a busy mom.

Use what you have first and make switches gradually 

So many people think that when they go “eco-friendlier” they need to throw out everything plastic and invest in the expensive silicone, glass and metal reusables. But that just creates more trash from perfectly useful items!

Use up what you already have at home. It makes the most sense for the planet and for your wallet by gradually and systematically replacing what you currently have.

Go room by room in your house

Rather than doing a full house reset overnight, go one room at a time to guide your sustainable switches. It will keep you on-budget, prevent overwhelm and focus on the highest-turnover items. Your kitchen, bathroom and laundry room have cleaning and personal care products that can be easily switched out for nontoxic, refillable and/or packaging-free options.

For skin, hair and baby care, check out Bright Body. We package everything in glass or aluminum and offer refills with a take back system. We use only EWG safest rated ingredients and have a specialized recycling program for our refill pouches. Always look for a brand that takes back their refills or offers a closed loop system, because greenwashing is everywhere!

For cleaning and laundry products, check out Meliora, Rustic Strength, or Root & Splendor. Rather than buying plastic sponges, paper towelsand Swiffer pads, opt for reusable, refillable and compostable options like wooden dish brushes with natural bristles, Swedish dishcloths and reusable cloth mop pads.

Try out a refill shop instead of relying on Target

You might be surprised to know that your hometown probably has a refill shop that can serve as your go-to destination for cleaning and personal care products. They have reusables alongside bulk products sold by the ounce—bring your own container and get only what you need. My friend Jaime Durheim at the Refillery Collective has a directory of refill shops to make it easy to find one close to you.

Shop secondhand

We all know that kids grow so quickly, and for many of us, buying new for every age and stage isn’t feasible. This is where secondhand clothing and toys come in handy! I’m also a fan of local buy nothing groups.

Try composting (or find a local compost pickup service)

If you have the outdoor space and the time to DIY composting, it is a fantastic way to turn kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich compost for gardening. If you don’t have the space or time, look up a compost pickup and delivery service in your area.

Use clean trash and recycling for kids’ art projects

Use toilet paper rolls, washed out jars and milk containers, and similar items in your home as craft opportunities for your kids. It’s a chance to save money on craft supplies, encourage your kids’ creativity and reuse items that would otherwise be thrown out. You can also save your clean, empty glass and plastic containers for your trips to the refill shop!

Spend time outside and teach your kids about keeping our environment clean

Outdoor time is a fantastic way to encourage your kids to appreciate and care for the environment while also nurturing their physical and mental health and development. Playing outdoors has proven to be associated with improved motor development, better learning outcomes, lower anger and aggression, improved impulse control and lower rates of stress and depression. Model how to keep our environment clean and leave no trace in public spaces.

Eco-friendly routines and products are not just for the wealthy. We can all make convenient, affordable and impactful changes to better care for the planet our kids will inherit.

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