A Baby Name Guide For Parents

A Baby Name Guide For Parents

You’re having a new baby — congrats! As your due date draws near, it’s time to start thinking about baby names. For some, choosing a moniker is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. For others, it’s a choice we agonize over for months. It’s not just the first name either; selecting a middle name can be every bit as tricky. Does it flow well with the first name you’ve chosen? How about your family’s last name? Do all three names work in tandem? There are so many factors to consider. If you’ve picked out the name Lucas for your newest addition, keep reading for some middle names that pair perfectly with Lucas.

Before we get to the name list, let’s discuss helpful tips for choosing a middle name and, of course, the meaning and origin of the name Lucas.

Helpful Tips for Choosing a Middle Name

  • How do the first and middle names sound together? Do they “match”? What about the first, middle, and last names? When you’re considering a baby name, write it out on a piece of paper. Say it out loud. Listen to your partner or a friend say it out loud. If it doesn’t sound right, move on to the next choice.
  • Does name meaning matter? For many people, it does. Take your name choices and research the meaning and origin of each. Maybe you’ll stumble upon a combination that honors your family’s heritage or the high hopes you have for your little bambino.
  • Choosing a family member’s name or the name of an important person in your life is another way to find a middle name you love for your child.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Lucas

The name Lucas has Latin origins and means “illuminate” — so he, quite literally, is the light of your life. What better way to welcome a new baby into the world than by giving him a name that signifies his role in your growing family?



The name Lucas Alexander has a dignified ring to it. With a name like this, your little man will know he can achieve whatever he sets his mind to. Alexander means “defender of men,” so pairing these names together tells your little boy he’s both strong AND bright.



A single-syllable middle name pairs well with a first name like Lucas. Plus, the name Scott — though once common — is now a unique, but not unusual, moniker for your little guy. Scott is of Scottish origin (of course!) and translates into “wanderer.” And for the millennials of the bunch, who could forget our beloved Lucas Scott from OTH?!



Another single-syllable second name, Blake is of British origin and means “bright and shining.” It pairs perfectly with Lucas, giving your little man a name that means bright and shining light. Lucas Blake is a solid choice for those who want a traditional-sounding name with an inspirational meaning.



Locke is a fresh new name that is growing in popularity. It means “woods; fortified place; pond,” making it the perfect choice for a name inspired by nature. Lucas Locke rolls off the tongue—choosing a first and middle name that starts with the same letter is one way to achieve a smooth-sounding name.



For a name that’s got a bit of old-school swagger, Lucas Everett fits the bill. Give your little guy a name that won’t go out of style. Everett is of British origin and means “brave, strong boar.” Call him Luke, Ev, or Rett (Rhett) for short.



Traditionally a gender-neutral name, Amari pairs well with Lucas. Not to mention, Amari means “eternal,” so Lucas Amari means “eternal light” (or “light eternal,” “but let’s not split hairs!). Together, the names Lucas Amari convey a sense of hope and love.



Nikolai is an East Slavic variant of the name Nicholas, meaning “victory of the people”. It’s not a name you hear every day, but it’s gaining in popularity year after year. Pairing a shorter first name with a longer middle name is one way to find the right flow. If you want to shorten it, Nik and Niko are adorable alternatives.



A name with Old Norse roots, Tate means “cheerful.” By giving your baby a name combo that means both “illuminate” and “cheerful,” you’re setting him up for a bright and happy future. Not to mention, Lucas Tate has a super cool vibe!

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