Best flood-resilient plants: experts top suggestions |

Best flood-resilient plants: experts top suggestions |

Knowing the best flood resilient plants for your yard can save you time, cash and heart ache, especially if your location is low lying. Owing to climate change and increasing urban development, weather patterns are becoming more unpredictable, with more homes being subjected to sudden downpours and prolonged heavy rainfall. 

Many of our favorite plants simply cannot cope with their roots sitting in water. Instead they will quickly suffocate and rot away, leaving gaping holes in our carefully tended borders and containers. To help manage this excess of surface water, it is vital to choose plants that can help to stabilise the soil and thrive in waterlogged conditions. 

Understanding how to make your yard flood resilient, is essential to future proofing your garden, so we spoke to experts, including landscape designers, horticulturalists and industry professionals, for their top plant recommendations.

Water garden with ferns and plants for shade

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12 of the best flood-resilient plants for your backyard

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