Best plants for a shady patio: 5 dazzling plants |

Best plants for a shady patio: 5 dazzling plants |

Successful gardening all comes down to right plant, right place and ensuring you’re providing plants with their optimal growing conditions. While shade may seem intimidating at first, there are actually many beautiful plants that do well out of the sun and can quickly brighten up darker corners of your yard.

If you’ve been searching for patio ideas that will work in your shade garden but can’t quite nail down a plant list, you’ll be pleased to know that there are lots of options available. From trees and shrubs, to container flower plants, making careful choices and opting for shade-lovers is the best way to green up your patio area that doesn’t get much natural light.

We’ve spoken to garden experts to find out more about plants for a shady patio and they shared their top picks.

Plants for a shady patio

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5 plants for a shady patio

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