Buckingham Palace’s East Wing is open for the first time |

Buckingham Palace’s East Wing is open for the first time |

For the first time in history, Buckingham Palace will open its private East Wing to the public, and the reveal has uncovered some of the building’s oldest secrets.

The wing, which was completed 175 years ago, encompasses the palace’s façade and features the iconic central balcony, where the British Monarch and members of the Royal Family have gathered for public appearances since 1851.

From tomorrow, July 11th, small visitor groups can enjoy a tour of the East Wing’s Principal Floor, which has never been accessible to the public before. To celebrate its opening, TV host Lorraine Kelly visited the royal residence, and during her tour, she unveiled some of Buckingham Palace’s secrets to the world. First: A secret passage behind a mirror in the White Room.

Buckingham Palace

The Centre Room, located in the newly-opened East Wing

(Image credit: © Royal Collection Enterprises Limited 2024 / Peter Smith)

‘This room hides a fantastic secret. If I walk over here, you can see it looks like a beautiful mirror; it’s absolutely gorgeous. But there’s something very special about this huge mirror,’ Kelly says in the footage that aired on the British channel ITV.

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