Disney World’s Revamped Country Bear Jamboree Has A Killer Soundtrack

Disney World’s Revamped Country Bear Jamboree Has A Killer Soundtrack

In what has already been a year of big changes for Disney World (Tiana’s Bayou Adventure! New Star Tours adventures! Lightning Lane updates!), there’s another exciting update on the horizon. Very soon, the newly reimagined Country Bear Musical Jamboree will make its boot-stompin’, paw-clappin’ debut.

The beloved attraction closed its doors for renovation back in January, temporarily silencing the 16-minute show comprised of 18 audio-animatronic hillbilly bears belting out southern songs. Disney announced at the time that the twangy celebration — which was one of the last attractions Walt Disney personally helped develop over 50 years ago — would be getting a more modern country western reboot to include country music genres like bluegrass, pop-country, Americana, and rockabilly.

Now, the bears are back, and according to Disney, fans can expect Nashville-style Disney tunes from their fan-favorite cast of grizzly characters. Here’s everything we know about the rootin’-tootin’ reopening.

When does The Country Bear Musical Jamboree return?

Starting on July 17, fans can once again file into Grizzly Hall in Frontierland to sing along with the lovable bears.

What songs will be featured?

If you’re a longtime Jamboree fan worried about how the show will change, don’t be! The just-released song list is proof the Bears will be coming back better than ever:

  • “Country Bear Musical Jamboree” — a new original song written for the attraction
  • “Try Everything” — from Zootopia
  • “Kiss the Girl” — from The Little Mermaid
  • “A Whole New World” — from Aladdin
  • “Supercalifragilisticexpialiocious” — from Mary Poppins
  • “Fixer-Upper” — from Frozen
  • “Remember Me” — from Coco
  • “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” — from Toy Story
  • “Bare Necessities” — from The Jungle Book
  • “Come Again” — an original song that debuted with Country Bear Jamboree in 1974

To lend extra authenticity to the newly revamped show, Disney’s Imagineers worked directly with real-life Nashville musicians, including 10-time CMA Musician of the Year Mac McAnally (who sings “Bare Necessities”), country singer Emily Ann Roberts (the voice of Trixie on “Try Everything”), and singer-songwriter Allison Russel and musician Chris Thile (who’ll voice Teddi and Wendell, respectively, for “A Whole New World”).

Which bears are coming back?

Ask anyone who visited Disney World or Disneyland as a child about a memory that stands out, and odds are they’ll start gushing about one attraction, restaurant, or ride that feels super nostalgic to them. For many fans, that’s the Country Bear Jamboree.

Per Disney, here’s the full cast of kooky characters:

  • Ursus H. Bear: The founder of Grizzly Hall, Ursus invited tuneful bruins from all around to present zany vaudeville acts and live country-western and folk performances.
  • Henry: The current master of bear-emonies, Ursus’ grandson Henry helped develop the new show and co-wrote the opening song with the Five Bear Rugs.
  • Five Bear Rugs: Zeke, Zeb, Ted, Fred, and a bear named Tennessee make up this rhythmic quintet.
  • Trixie: This veteran performer found her niche performing with triplets Bunny, Bubbles, and Beulah.
  • Bunny, Bubbles, and Beulah: Originally known as The Sun Bonnets, these gals traded bonnets for Stetsons when they began singing with Trixie at the Jamboree.
  • Teddi Barra: Teddi, aka The Jewel of the Dakotas, has enjoyed a meteoric rise in show business since being discovered in an ice cream parlor.
  • Wendell: When Henry found Wendell, he was a frustrated basketball, baseball, and football player. Now that he can carry a tune, he’s thrilled to sing a love song with Trixie.
  • Ernest the Dude: One of the best-dressed bears at Grizzly Hall, Ernest brings his entire wardrobe wherever he goes!
  • Terrence: Once a famous theater star, Terrence (aka Shaker) had to turn in his tights after falling from the balcony in Romeo and Juliet. Luckily, he’s back in the limelight.
  • Romeo McGrowl: This “Miami Serenader” is ready to enter his rockabilly era.
  • Gomer: The band’s resident piano player, Gomer was claws-ically trained.
  • Big Al: It wouldn’t be the Country Bear Jamboree without Big Al! He’s been playing the guitar since he was a cub — music is just in this bear’s blood.

The bears will also be rocking new, Opry-esque costumes inspired by classic country singer culture. And, in true Disney fashion, the Imagineers promise plenty of Easter eggs sprinkled throughout the show. So, keep an eye — and ear — out.

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