expert advice to grow more herbs |

expert advice to grow more herbs |

Mint is a versatile herb that looks attractive in pots and borders but can also be used in cooking and medicine. No kitchen garden or backyard is complete without a selection of aromatic herbs, and mint is certainly one of my favorites to grow. 

If you are seeking herb garden ideas this year, and you already have one or two mint plants in the backyard, why not consider increasing your mint supply by propagation? 

Propagating plants is an ideal option for those wanting more herb plants for the backyard or to give as gifts to neighbors or gardener friends. Here, we share advice from a professional gardener on how to propagate mint, with two easy and cost-effective options that will help you make more aromatic herbs this year. 

Mint bush with gardener's hand

(Image credit: Getty Images/Melisa Dupre)

How to propagate mint

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