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Lavender plants are timeless garden favorites. Come summer, purple blooms fizz and hum with pollinator activity as the familiar fragrance perfumes the air. Lavender plants can live for up to 20 years with the correct care and maintenance, and established plants can reach an impressive size in garden borders. 

Knowing how to prune lavender is crucial, and without regular and appropriate pruning, lavender plants can begin to look dishevelled and woody, perhaps past their expiration date. Whether you have inherited old, woody lavender plants, or maybe your garden has been a little neglected of late, there is hope for your lavender plants.

As a professional gardener, I have pruned too many lavender plants to count, many of them old and woody, and while there might be many beautiful herbs to pick from at the garden store, or you might be tempted by some of the best lavender varieties you have seen online, gardeners should not give up on woody lavender plants. Here, I share all I know about pruning woody lavender plants, and how to propagate lavender plants from cuttings. 

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Can you save a woody lavender?

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