How to grow broccolini – tips for bumper homegrown harvests |

How to grow broccolini – tips for bumper homegrown harvests |

Broccolini has become a very fashionable vegetable in recent years, often seen on the plates of high-end restaurants and fetching a premium price in grocery stores. But what exactly is broccolini and can you grow this trendy crop at home?

If you grow broccoli in a backyard vegetable garden, you know it has a short season. You get one main head to harvest and then hopefully a few more side shoots will follow. However, the joy with broccolini is that you get a bounty of bite-sized stalks and heads over a long harvesting period.

I grew and harvested broccolini for chefs at a Michelin-starred restaurant when I ran a walled vegetable garden and have seen first-hand how productive the plants can be. My plants were grown from seed in a greenhouse and planted in late spring to give a long harvest of delicious stalks. See how you can grow broccolini too.

A fresh harvest of broccolini florets

Broccolini is high in vitamins and fiber

What is broccolini?

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