How to grow zucchini vertically to save backyard space |

How to grow zucchini vertically to save backyard space |

Zucchini are reliable, fast-growing, and prolific crops to grow in a backyard vegetable garden. However, did you know zucchini can be trained to grow vertically in a novel space-saving way to cultivate the plants in smaller spaces?

Part of the summer squash family, zucchini – or courgettes as they are also known – can usually take up a lot of room as they grow, due to large foliage and sprawling stems. This can create issues for anyone with restricted space – so growing zucchini vertically can be an ideal solution.

If you want to learn how to grow zucchini in this beneficial way, two growers who have cultivated the crop vertically reveal some tips to get it right. I have grown zucchini for years in vegetable gardens, but always the same way – so this is a method I am interested in trying for myself.

An organic zucchini plant growing vertically in a vegetable garden

Growing zucchini vertically makes the crop look statuesque

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How do you grow zucchini vertically?

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