‘I Want An Open Marriage’

‘I Want An Open Marriage’

Submissions to the Scary Mommy Confessional often prove that there are two sides to every coin: What one person longs for in a particular situation might be frustrating or infuriating to someone else. For example, this week, one reader writes that they’re jealous of others who get lots of family help — while another vents that having grandma in the picture isn’t always a piece of cake. Read on for the full roundup, with confessions about in-laws, badly timed work calls, financial woes, and more.

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I HATE that my husband has had evening calls the last two weeks.

Confessional #41102938

I feel like having a baby aged me horribly and now struggling with my self esteem massively

Confessional #44309884

Students should not be allowed to have cell phones during the school day

Confessional #44919287

I feel like I should be more excited about my 2nd pregnancy than I am.

Confessional #41010298

I think half the confessions could be addressed if we talked about our feelings with others

Confessional #41298767

I am having an affair with no plans to stop

Confessional #41002983

I fill our weekends with plans so we can avoid visits from my in-laws, who don’t respect our boundaries

Confessional #44312298

considering leaving husband after 3 years of forced open marriage. Not what I want

Confessional #49918276

Life is kicking my a**. Hopeful to be able to pay our bills this month.

Confessional #44112837

My husband doesn’t lift a finger at home and I hate it

Confessional #49887365

I miss having friends. Once I had kids, everyone deserted me

Confessional #45647881

I feel really unappreciated

Confessional #40999182

My mom doesn’t do what I ask her to w/ my son & I’m starting to resent having her around

Confessional #41100298

I’m so jealous of people who have family members that always help with their kids.

Confessional #49102887

I feel I don’t have any really good friends since moving cross continental, it’s lonely

Confessional #40298837

I feel like I carry double the load at home.

Confessional #42102983

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