Jessica Chastain’s kitchen makes clever use of overhead room |

Jessica Chastain’s kitchen makes clever use of overhead room |

Those with large kitchens often have dead space that is not being used to its full potential. While this may be looked at as a curse, it’s actually a blessing in disguise. Need proof? Look no further than Jessica Chastain’s high-ceilinged kitchen in her Manhattan home, which just so happens to be up for sale.

The Molly’s Game actor’s space, which is currently listed for $7.45 million, takes advantage of its ample vertical space by implementing a neat row of white, painted cabinets above the main, glass-fronted ones.

Kitchen storage strategies can be highly dependent on the size of the room itself; however, even those with smaller kitchens than Chastain’s likely have ‘dead’ or unused spaces that can be modified into maximal storage space.

Jessica Chastain's kitchen

(Image credit: Image credit: Kenneth Chen/Evan Joseph Studios for Sotheby’s International Realty)

‘Jessica Chastain’s kitchen is a perfect example of this; traditional cupboard storage is used to its full potential by being extended to incorporate the overhead space,’ says Space Station storage expert Vlatka Lake. ‘Doing this breathes life into previously dead space by allowing you to store items you might not need every day, such as specialist cookware or spare crockery, without creating clutter in the places we use every day.’

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