Mom Calls Out Sleepover Host Over Serving Donuts For Breakfast

Mom Calls Out Sleepover Host Over Serving Donuts For Breakfast

One of the best parts of sleepover was the morning after, sitting around my friend’s kitchen, chatting about the fun we’d had the night before and who fell asleep faster while her mom brought home bagels or blueberry scones from the bakery down the block.

I’d stuff my face with joy until I heard my mom honk from the driveway, ready to take me home.

Though this is a fond memory for me, one mom is livid with another parent after serving her kid’s friends a sugary treat in the morning. The host parent asked Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole?” subreddit if she had done something wrong by serving donuts as a breakfast option for the kids.

“Genuinely so confused here but maybe I messed up…,” she began in the thread.

“My (43F) son (10M) had a sleepover this weekend at my house with 4 other boys. They were fine and well-behaved and played video games and stuff… you know kids! In the morning I thought I would give them a special treat since it was a sleepover and got a half dozen donuts for the boys and one for me. Quick and easy breakfast for a fun morning.

She noted that she usually makes more traditional breakfast foods like eggs, toast, fruit and smoothies, but wanted to serve something more fun since she “thought it was a special occasion.”

“One of the boys told his mom I guess and I got a horrible facebook message saying I’m terrible for feeding my kids this and that I’m going to make him obese. I tried to explain but she just said her son wasn’t going there again and blocked me. As far as I know, her son does not have any health issues in which eating a donut would be super detrimental to him. AITA?”

Feedback poured in for the mom, assuring her that her harmless treat was not doing any sort of detrimental damage to the kids, especially since she wasn’t aware of any food intolerances or allergies.

“NTA. Donuts after a sleepover sounds perfectly normal and delightful. If this kid’s mom didn’t want her kid to have sugary sweets, she should have let you know ahead of time. Also just wondering what she was expecting to happen food-wise at a sleepover,” one user wrote.

The OP replied, “Yes thank you that was my thought too!! I wouldn’t have done it had I known there would be an issue with it”

One user thought the OP wasn’t an a**hole, but tried to see where the other mom was coming from, writing, “NTA. I get the mom, but she should have informed you that she doesn’t want her child eating sugary stuff for breakfasts. And even so, she could have approached you more politely and letting you know that she have a different diet at home for the future. No one can read her mind.”

“NTA. If he had celiac disease or nut allergy or another dietary restriction, that would be way different, and if you’re really concerned about it, maybe ask his mother. If not, she’s just being controlling or a concerned parent who read one too many articles about donuts having too much sugar lol,” another noted.

Sleepovers are for trying to pull all-nighters, watching movies, and eating candy and junk food. A ten-year-old’s sleepover is not a time to make wheatgrass shakes and attend a spa retreat.

If the food her child was going to eat was really an issue for her, she should have told the host parent about dietary restrictions or preferences ahead of time. She also could have politely declined the invite for her son if she felt weird about bringing up food choices with another parent instead of sending a rude message over Facebook criticizing her parenting. She just went about this all wrong.

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