Mom Upset After Another Mom Possibly Exposed Her Kid To Norovirus

Mom Upset After Another Mom Possibly Exposed Her Kid To Norovirus

A mom posted on TikTok, wondering if she’s overreacting after an icky encounter at her local park. Mom and content creator, Kady, went to the park with her son to get some quality outdoor time. However, after chatting and sharing toys with another mom, things took a turn. Now, she’s wondering if she’s justified to be super pissed off.

At their neighborhood park (that you need a key to get into) where everyone in the area more or less knows each other, another mom approached her for some friendly chatting.

“She starts talking to me and my friend and whatever, just making small talk. And then she has like a toy that’s like a duck on top with bubbles. And my son’s obviously like, ‘Oh, duck, duck, bubble.’ So she hands it to him. Super nice,” she explains.

“Again, this is a neighborhood park. You have to live in the neighborhood, have a key to get in. It’s very common for kids to share toy scooters, etc. After she hands Kason the toy, he’s playing with it.”

She continues on, “She proceeds to tell us her whole family just had Norovirus. Her husband is still at home sick with it. We probably should wash our hands after being around her and be on alert for the next 24 hours.”

Now, Kady understands that when you take kids out in public spaces, there is a risk of then catching something. That’s parenting. That’s life. However, this mom knowingly came to the park, shared toys, and then got up all in the business of these other moms while they still all were very much contagious.

“How do you knowingly come basically sick with this stomach flu? I got some grape juice and if we get sick and I get sick in my 35th week of pregnancy with a stomach flu after already having food poisoning three times as pregnancy, plus my, I mean, obviously I’m way more worried about Kason getting it because we haven’t dealt with that yet. I will lose my ever loving mind.”

Oh hell no! What in the world was this mom thinking?!

After her video went viral, several TikTok users commented on the post, affirming Kady in her rageful feelings.

“Not even surprised. I’ve learned that the vast majority of people/parents will be horrifically inconsiderate if it means a good time for them,” one mom wrote.

“Girllll I would be making a passive aggressive post on our neighborhood fb page 😅😅,” another joked.

The OP replied, “Okay but I texted my mom friend that I might do that lol”

Another wrote, “Not overreacting! That’s incredibly inconsiderate! I’m so sorry! This is how my daughter got hand foot and mouth. I was told afterwards that they JUST got over it….”

In an update video, Kady explains that she wasn’t really mad that the mom showed up to the park but she was offering up her recently sick kids toy to her child, possibly spreading the illness.

“We’re about 48 hours from seeing them, and everyone seems okay,” she said in the video. Fingers crossed!

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