‘My Hubby Admitted He Has 3 ‘Wives’”

‘My Hubby Admitted He Has 3 ‘Wives’”

This week in the Scary Mommy Confessional, there’s a whole lot of venting going on. Primarily about husbands and partners — their loud farts, loud yawns, and other less-than-stellar traits — but also about annoying group chats, difficult job searches, over-the-top holidays, and more. Read on for the full roundup.

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My husband has explosive farts frequently during dinner and at.other times. DISGUSTING

Confessional #22192029

I hate how my husband parents.

Confessional #23391020

My hubby admitted he has 3 “wives”: me, his mom, and his sister. I’m so resentful.

Confessional #21010982

My adult daughter and I have no relationship.

Confessional #29298374

My husband’s loud yawns really annoy me.

Confessional #21843209

After staying home I can’t find a job and it is killing me.

Confessional #22092756

I’m trying to “have it all” and am failing.

Confessional #24987301

I’m tired of being the positive support glue for the entire family. I just want a break.

Confessional #23819876

I found out my husband asked another woman 4 pics. Idk how to move past

Confessional #23819764

I hate how big every holiday is now. Why are people giving so many toys for Easter?

Confessional #21090876

I’m tired of missing out on fun things because my kids are sick but I feel horrible saying that

Confessional #22291027

Why didnt my friends set up a meal train for me when we had kids?

Confessional #23391029

I don’t want my sister in law to move next door

Confessional #21988763

I hate my son’s preschool. The environment is toxic and I can’t wait for the school year to end

Confessional #21102986

I hate being in the mom group chats

Confessional #21393657

I blocked my mom and it was the best thing I’ve done for myself in years

Confessional #27718293

I hate the way I look. Menopause sucks.

Confessional #21998174

I don’t know how to tell my partner he is a bad dad, he doesn’t have any interest in helping with our baby.

Confessional #29109864

I wish my husband and I had separate bedrooms.

Confessional #21027588

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