Nate Berkus just decoded all things drapery |

Nate Berkus just decoded all things drapery |

When designing a room, picking out drapes is often left for last. A finishing touch that can easily make or break a room, it’s an important decision – but can also feel a bit like a mystery. With a wide range of types and styles on the market, you’re not alone if the question of drapery leaves you feeling a little overwhelmed.

Luckily, world-renowned designer Nate Berkus just shared his top tips for picking out drapes and curtains. He also shared the curtain features he made sure to include in his own living room design scheme. Off the heels of his recent collaboration with The Shade Store, he’s full of great ideas, and now he’s here to share. If you’re still a bit stuck on how to choose curtains for your living room, Nate’s got all the answers. Here’s what the designer had to say.

Nate Berkus’ top tips for deciding on drapery

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