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pro tips for indoors |

Q: A friend recently gave me a potted zebra plant, also known as Aphelandra squarrosa. I have quite a few houseplants already but have never seen one of these before. I’m not sure how to look after it – do you have any pointers?

A: Aphelandra squarrosa are lesser known than classic indoor plants such as monsteras, pothos, and fiddle leaf figs, but they are well worth adding to an interior scheme. Their common name comes from their foliage, which has striking white veining against glossy green. And if you’re lucky and conditions are right, you may be treated to a yellow flower or two.

To get these tropical indoor plants to thrive, you’ll need to provide the perfect growing environment. Below, houseplant experts share their advice on humidity, location, and more.

flowering zebra plant

Zebra plants are eye-catching additions to the home

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3 top tips for zebra plant care

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