This Supportive Husband is Every Partner on Taylor Swift Release Day

This Supportive Husband is Every Partner on Taylor Swift Release Day

Happy Taylor Swift album release day! If you are a human being with a beating heart, you’ve probably spent some portion of the last 14 hours listening to Taylor’s newest album, “The Tortured Poets Department.” And if you have a straight male partner who truly loves and cares about you, he’s probably spent just as much time trying to act like this is exciting to him, even though he’s secretly glad the album is finally out and maybe (just maybe) we’ll all stop obsessing over it soon (as if). 

But good on them for trying to be supportive, right? In one viral video, a woman tried to explain all of the drama surrounding Taylor and her “Midnights” album release, and her sweet husband trying to follow along is honestly every straight man just trying to keep up.

“I filmed this exactly a year ago and I can’t believe we finally get to find out what she told them at dinner,” Ashley Rose Reeves wrote in the caption of the hilarious video.

In the video, she and her husband are in the car, where she explains, well, everything to him.

“OK, so here’s why this is a big deal,” she says. “So Taylor Swift, Ryan Reynolds, and Blake Lively — they all went to dinner in New York. They are very close, like best, best, best friends. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s children, James, Betty, and Inez, are all named as characters in the ‘Folklore’ album.” 

She continues, “So, they go to dinner. Ryan Reynolds had been friends with Joe Alwyn before — he even was the person to write the ‘Time 100.’ He penned a little thing about what a great guy he was. Leaves the dinner in New York, unfollows Joe Alwyn. Something happened in that dinner where Taylor shared information that was so damning to even his close friend that he unfollowed. Also, Taylor Swift’s brother unfollowed Joe Alwyn on Instagram. Do you see why this is a big deal?”

Her husband, bless his heart, responds in a deadpan, “Yeah, I trust Deadpool.”

There you have it, folks. If you want to get a straight man in your life on board with Swiftie stuff, just relate it back to Deadpool.

“Yeah, we trust Deadpool,” Reeves laughs.

BRB, trying this on my own partner.

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