Top 10 Trending Summer Travel Destinations For 2024

Top 10 Trending Summer Travel Destinations For 2024

It might be hard to believe, what with this wacky spring weather we’ve been having, but summer is just around the corner. And with summer often comes summer camps, lazy days in the sun, and family vacations. For those of us who like to plan a summer trip, Skyscanner, the search engine and booking site, has released a list of summer travel destinations around the globe that Americans are increasingly searching for.

Whether it’s far afield in Tirana, Albania, or (a little bit) closer to home in Calgary, Canada, here are the 10 spots trending upwards from last summer for summer 2024.

Tirana, Albania

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Zurich, Switzerland

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Calgary, Canada

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Chennai, India

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New Delhi, India

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Mumbai, India

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Manchester, England

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Athens, Greece

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Madrid, Spain

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