urban gardening is changing how we grow |

urban gardening is changing how we grow |

Hydroponic growing systems are shaping the future of indoor gardening. The potential of this innovative method of growing plants without soil is thrilling, enabling those who reside in rental units or those who do not have access to outside space to grow delicious crops. 

Hydroponic growing looks set to dominate future indoor garden ideas in cities across the globe. Indeed, many city dwellers are now considering hydroponic gardening for sustainability reasons using indoor growing systems. Hydroponic growing is a sustainable approach to growing, eliminating the need for pesticides or fertilizers by growing in a controlled indoor environment. 

What’s more, crops can be consumed minutes after picking. You will not get fresher salads, veg or herbs than that! Here, experts share the trends and health benefits of hydroponic growing and the future of indoor gardening. 

Hydroponic growing system with smart phone

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The future of indoor gardening: hydroponic growing 

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