Where To Go On Your Spring Getaway, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Where To Go On Your Spring Getaway, According To Your Zodiac Sign

As soon as sunny weather starts to sneak in, it’s almost impossible not to look ahead and long for whatever summer trip you have planned. But who says summer should have all the travel fun? Spring still has plenty of life left in her — not to mention the kind of temperate weather that makes vacationing a literal breeze. There’s just one problem: figuring out where to go.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look far for answers. Astrid Bly, premier astrology expert with California Psychics, shared each zodiac sign’s dream spring getaway with Scary Mommy.

Have fun planning, and if the stars align to make your trip happen, safe travels.


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Fiery Rams love exploring new locales. “Plan a trip with lots of room for adventure, like going scuba diving in Maui or hiking in the grandeur of the Grand Canyon,” says Bly, adding, “The adventures are limitless for an Aries!”


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For nature-loving Taurus, Bly recommends “a travel destination with fresh air, lush greenery, beautiful blue oceans or bodies of water, and delicious food.” A few of her suggestions: Puerto Rico (pictured above) or a luxurious Bali resort.


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For the eternally curious Gemini, no destination feels too far or unreachable. But since mainstream space travel is out of the question (for now), Bly suggests a spring trip with a celestial slant: “Satisfy your inner twins and get close to the constellations with a trip to see the Northern Lights in Alaska, Canada, or Finland.”


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No one loves hunkering down in creature comforts quite like Cancer! So, plan accordingly. “The Crab is open to visiting faraway places, but they must have a few luxury amenities to accompany them,” Bly says. “For instance, many Cancers may be interested in traveling to France… as long as a wine and cheese sampling at a luscious vineyard is on the to-do list.”


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One destination in particular screams Leo. (Or should we say roars?) Says Bly, “As a Lion, you love any adventure that makes you feel alive, and there’s no better time and place than a weekend in Sin City. Put on your best outfit, take on the town, and show off at one of the hottest Vegas nightclubs.”


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Put your typical overthinking to good use by planning a trip that you can kick back and enjoy — just make sure your itinerary includes some time for free roaming. “A perfect vacation would be a trip to Italy where you can explore the beautiful streets, wander into shops, and take in the beauty of the city,” says Bly.


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Get ready for some me time. “Libras are known for being one of the most kind-hearted and sweet-natured signs, but sometimes they may find themselves feeling out of whack,” Bly explains. “Book a trip somewhere that will help you reset your inner balance and indulge.” One idea? Tokyo, “especially during cherry blossom season.”


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Repeat after me: Powerhouses need R&R, too. “Consider making Tahiti your next travel destination, and take this opportunity to stay in an overwater bungalow,” says Bly. “The crystal-clear waters and fun island activities like jet-skiing are sure to thrill and fulfill your soul!”


Ruins of Machu Picchu, Andes, Peru

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“Wonderstruck” Sagittarians need something unique and inspiring — a place that’ll get your heart and creative juices flowing. Bly has a few ideas! “For you Archers, try a thrill-seeking experience like skydiving above Dubai. Alternatively, fuel your adventurous soul by hiking the trails of Machu Picchu,” she suggests.


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Listen up, Cap… you’ve got to take a break from your (*many*) tasks at some point. What better way than with a getaway? “Try an exciting activity like ziplining over the tall treetops of the Caribbean rainforest,” says Bly. If you’re looking for a more relaxed option, she recommends “visiting the lovely islands of Greece.”


Yosemite National Park, California

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Air might be your official element, but you’re also the “water bearer.” For this reason, says Bly, “You could enjoy a blissful aquatic experience by visiting the stunning azure waters of Hawaii. Alternatively, take a trip to Niagara Falls or Yosemite so that you can take in the immense powers of the waterfalls there.”


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Represented by two fish, Pisces sometimes needs to seek out the restorative nature of water. “You may feel like you can handle any waves and currents that try to push you around, but you have to let yourself rest in a quaint pond every once in a while,” reminds Bly. “Your heart and soul will feel rejuvenated once you take a dip in the calm blue waters of Fiji.”

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